Bananas Portfolio

A virtual share trading platform

Just like the Monopoly game, but instead of real estates, you will be taking part in an online virtual trading in stocks and shares.

Here you can learn how to select companies to build a portfolio of shares, and then practice share dealing by monitoring your investments and deciding when to buy or sell some shares in your Bananas Portfolio.

Share prices

Your transactions are not real. ┬áThe companies listed on Bananas Portfolio virtual trading platform are real companies and the share prices quoted are mid prices from when the market last closed, i.e yesterday’s price at 16.30 during weekdays, or Friday’s price at 16.30 during week ends.

Market hours

Bananas Portfolio mirrors the London Stock Exchange market hours is 8.00 to 16.30.

Manage your own portfolio

You are effectively your own fund manager, your objective should be maximising profit, either but taking regular income from your investment from company dividend payments, or making a gain from your investment by buying and then selling your shares at a profit.

Open an account

As long as you are happy that this is a virtual/fantasy/bananas Portfolio, you can open an account and benefit from a full share trading experience which is a as close to reality as possible.

Try it now for free ┬╗

Risk Warnings

All cash, stocks, funds, and any other form of transaction in your Bananas Portfolio are virtual and do not have real monetary value.

Neither the Share, nor any of its employees and directors are responsible for any monetary or emotional impacts that your use of the Bananas Portfolio may have on yourself.

The Bananas Portfolio is purely an educational tool and for training purposes only. It should not be construed as an offer or solicitation to buy or sell securities.