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Let people find your company on the stock market. The more buyers and sellers there are for your company shares, the more trading takes place. The shares flow readily, so investors are willing to invest in your company because they know they can sell the shares when they want to.

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Beansprout Company™

Experienced directors set up a new investment company, raise funds from investors to list it, and find a suitable unquoted company to reverse into.

Investors use the skills of those directors rather than be direct crowdfunders to add value to their investment. Since the company is listed on the stock market, investors can exit by trading their shares. This product is designed to be accessible to entrepreneurs with investor protection measures built into it.


Beansprout Company – Insight Business Support plc

Beansprout Company™ Insight Business Support plc prospectus documents are available here. Published 14 May 2021- Offer opened on 3 June 2021 and closed on 30 June 2021.